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In a market flooded with forgeries, the first step in determining the value of a work of art is determining its authenticity. Knowing the difference between a fake and an original requires a trained eye for detail, years of professional experience, and sometimes input from the artist directly.

The Art Glass Certification Guild offers this level of expertise directly to private collectors through our certification process.  You can finally certify your glass art with confidence!

Many artist foundations have a vested interest in preventing new works from being discovered. Often, museums do not want to take on the liability or use their thinning financial resources to provide free research services to patrons. Major auction houses receive thousands of authentication and appraisal requests each day, but most are summarily dismissed.

With the Art Glass Certification Guild, you have a team of highly qualified private investigators and world-renown glass artists on your side. We provide preliminary opinions and full reports for a fee that is determined by the complexity of research required.

How Do I Certify My Art Glass?

Select and purchase the certification type that you want below.

Submit your art glass photos and info at the link given after purchase.
(You can also find the link to submit on each ORDER)


Standard Certification
(Printed Certificate & PDF)

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Digital Certification
(PDF Only)

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Additional Printed Copies
(2nd edition, 3rd edition, etc)

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Should I Submit My Art Glass For Certification?

• We offer certification for high-end art glass by reputable artists.
• We do not certify commercial production glass.
• If you have any questions feel free to contact us.